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ICSSPK strives to enhance professional excellence through the development of competencies, knowledge and skills. Membership with ICSSPK provides you with access to a wide-range of training events, a globally connected network of security professionals and an industry-recognised certification acknowledging your experience, qualifications and skills.

As a member of a chartered professional body you will benefit from an enhanced status within the global security & crisis management professional industry. You will become a part of an organization, which holds the respect of governments and firms around the world, and who can communicate with the public with an authoritative and clear voice.

Along with accreditation, ICSSPK will continue to connect you to a range of up-to-date programs, conferences, training and networking events, to increase your network and provide you with a chance to participate in discussions and forums, as well as tools for those dealing with security and crisis events.


Membership provides you with designation letters, which indicate your knowledge of, and experience within, the Safety and Security services industry and can be added to your C.V., business cards or LinkedIn profile. You can also strive to become a Fellow and achieve the pinnacle of professional designations within the Institute.

  1. Industry-recognized certification based on your academic qualifications and professional experience
  2. A highly-respected and valued designation with global recognition
  3. Complimentary ‘closed door’ ICSSPK CSO roundtable meetings
  4. Free access to Global Crisis Management conference calls and minutes
  5. Recognized with human resources and recruitment agencies specializing in the security profession
  6. Member publications
  7. Networking with senior security management
  8. Weekly job vacancies
  9. Guaranteed Internships for Student Members In institutions or organizations offering relevant experience
  10. Benchmark your training qualifications and leverage your experience
  11. The value of your membership is recognized by employers and universities
  12. Exchange experience with other members at our networking events. Enjoy access to job opportunities and our online careers services
  13. Gain valuable insights by being involved in our mentoring programme, whatever your career stage
  14. Enjoy member-only discounts
  15. Bi-Monthly newsletter with exclusive offers and weekly eNews update
  16. Continuing Professional Development that evidences your professionalism
  17. Access to accredited and employer-recognized security related qualifications
The Institute welcomes applications from all professional security and crisis management practitioners from corporations, commercial, industry and public services such as civil defense, police and armed services Membership applies to the individual and is generally supported by the organization at which an individual is employed. ICSSPK also welcomes those who are currently enrolled in security education, whether in a full– or part-time course, and who wish to pursue a career within security or crisis management. Student membership is subject to approval depending on the course of study. Those aspiring to reach management positions through study and/or personal development, or whose core business is closely aligned to that of a security practitioner, may also be eligible for membership.


Membership grades are awarded against a validation system, which is based on evidence provided by the applicant of their academic and working experience.The Board of Advisors sets each application and an identity check is completed before being referred to ICSSPK’s Validation Committee. The Validation Committee will review the evidence and award the membership grade based against a points system. See Membership Levels table below for more information on how points are awarded.

Once the validation is complete, the member will be able to use the acronym for the designation, as per the table shown below. As per the terms of membership, only fully paid members may use the acronym.

Points Required
Application Processing Fee
Annual Fee
Fellow FICSSPK Individuals with significant experience in the security profession and security qualifications. Demonstrated professional commitment to making a contribution to the wider security profession. Relevant PhD from a recognised academic institution. With greater than 5 years relevant work experience. Points are awarded minimum scores for experience, qualifications and personal commitment. Locals:KES 3000/= 
KES 12000
Member MICSSPK Members who have considerable security management experience. Points are awarded for experience, qualifications and personal commitment. Relevant full Degree or Masters. Over five years security management experience. Locals:3000 
KES 7000
Graduate GICSSPK Members who hold a full degree in any subject, but who have less than five years security management experience. Points are not required for Graduate entry into the Institute. Locals:3000 
KES 7000
Associate AICSSPK Individuals with some experience in the security profession, who have security qualifications and who wish to make further advancements within the industry. Points are awarded for experience and qualifications. e.g. 
a Diploma in a relevant field
Security Fire Management 
Public Safety e.t.c
KES 5000
Student This designation is 
for Students, aspiring to further their qualifications in the various academic levels in the Security Sector.
Individuals in the workforce, Students or Form 4 Graduates.

Proffessional Course, Degree, 
Diploma and Certificate.
Level III Security Guards Level IV General Security Operations
The above levels have specifics admission rates.

N/A Degree, Diploma and Certificate:
KES 4500 
Level III & IV:KES 3000/=
Subscriber This designation is 
for Guards, Security Supervisors and Firemen.
All security professionals entering the security industry on or above entry level. Those studying towards a security qualification at an approved course recognised by ICSSPK.

Security Guarding Level III & IV 
Fire Certificate Level I, II, III
or any other training in a relevant field. 
Subscriber membership is limited and does not include all the benefits of a full ICSSPK membership.

KES 3000
Friends to the Institute Friend None None N/A KES 2000

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