At ICSSPK we offer courses and certify graduates with their respective qualifications. Below are a list of courses we offer at ICCSPK for certification and training purposes.

Diploma Program

  1. Security Management
  2. Cyber Security
  3. Criminal Justice
  4. Forensic Investigations
  5. Fire Management

Certificate Program

  1. Security Management
  2. Cyber Security
  3. Criminal Justice
  4. Forensic Investigations

Craft Certificate Program

  1. Security Guarding Level IV
  2. Security Guarding Level III



The following services are offered at ICSSPK.

  1. Security Consultancy
      • ICSSPK concept of security consultancy is intended to offer companies' organizations and the communities as a whole an independent security advisory, educational and training services which in turn will help to identify assess evaluate and monitor their security posture, preparedness and standards. The consultancy services facilitates an organizations management identify their specific security threats and concern and provide cost effective solution to solution to those problems. This approach provides a forward planning early warning capability that allows effective decision making.

        Our Security Consultancy Services include the following:

      1. Security Risk Assessments
      2. Security Surveys & Audit
      3. Fire & Safety Audits - OHS
      4. Corporate Security Risk Management
      5. School Safety & Security Programs
      6. Corporate Counter Terrorism Strategy & Training
      7. Community Security Programs i.e. Safe Neighbourhoods & Crim Watch
      8. Cyber Security
  1. Employment Resource Center

      ICSSPK helps to link companies with the appropriate professionals,we enables companies find candidates who can fill, lead, or augment their security work force to a wide variety of security positions from basic to top management, hereby the companies save a considerable resources in the recruitment process of obtaining qualified security staff. ICSSPK also provides the necessary support and guidance to clients and ICSSPK members in the following areas

      1. Consultative Career Coaching
      2. Character & Personality Coaching
      3. Maintain a career development database
      4. Job Tracking and Salary Analysis
      5. On-Line Customer Service Information
      6. Job Screening and Vetting
      7. Research and Development
  1. First Aid training and emergency management
  2. Hostile environment training
  3. Close protection specialist
  4. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Access to accredited and employer-recognized security related qualifications


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ICSSPK publishes security handbook briefings, research papers and books, as well as  National Affairs journal and magazines



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